25 best cities to see when visiting Germany.

Travelling is a great way to relieve stress and it opens one’s mind to different cultures and gives one another perspective on life. Travelling is always fun if properly planned, there are different things to consider before embarking on a visit to somewhere new, examples include; picking the right season, know the visa requirement if you are not a citizen, travel with people you like, check reviews and be open-minded to embrace the bizarre.

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Germany is known to be the seventh-largest country in Europe, one-third of the country is covered in forest and woodlands it is a beautiful country loaded with mind-blowing destinations which you never thought are available. Below is a list of great cities you’ll want to visit when next you are in Germany.

· Cologne

This is the fourth-largest city in Germany, it is a beautiful city that is open to tourist and it is widely visited. Most signs and ticket machines tend to be in English and German, you get to find friendly locals as well. There are different interesting sites to visit at cologne, sites such as

  1. The Wallraf-Richartz & Ludwig Museums: This is a museum that is housed in one of the city’s newer architectural structure. In it, you get to see on display art and antiquities.
  2. Cologne Zoological Gardens: Do you want to get in touch with wildlife? Then this is a place you need to visit. The zoo is home to lots of animals like Apes, birds, elephants, big cats and a giant glass aquarium.
  3. Brühl: Augustusburg and Falkenlust Palaces: You get to see the magnificent palace which has another highlight like large parks open to concerts and festivals.

· Munich

This is renowned as the world’s greatest beer and brewing capital. Munich is not as expensive as other popular cities, there are interesting sites to visit in Munich such as;

  1. Englischer Garten: This is an 18th-century city park, it is a cool spot for relaxation, jogging, cycling. It also has a 25-metre-tall Chinese tower called Chinesischen Turm.
  2. BMW Museum: If you are a car, commercial vehicle, sports car and motorcycles lover, then this museum if for you, it is a museum that displays over a hundred car models from the renowned company.

· Heidelberg

This is a popular tourist destination, Heidelberg is known for its historical sites, universities and romantic landscapes. Things to see in Heidelberg are;

  1. Schloss Heidelberg: This is a castle that was built in the early 13th century, the view is breathtaking. On the site, you get to find restaurants and the German Apothecary Museum.
  2. The Philosophenweg: This is a beautiful trail, good for taking a nature walk and also a serene place to think.

· Frankfurt

This is a beautiful city with stunning views, it is home to renowned museum, cathedrals and galleries. It is not a cheap place, it is the second most expensive places in Germany. The following are interesting places to visit in Frankfurt.

  1. Stadel Museum
  2. Palmengarten
  3. Romer
  4. German Film Museum