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Attractions to Visit in Frankfurt


Commonly referred to as Europe’s gateway, Frankfurt is a city that offers more than just the Frankfurt international airport.  It has lots to offer, including the River Main and skyscrapers. It is also the country’s financial capital. Though it only hosts 700,000 residents, the city is highly diverse. With more than 100 varied languages spoken in Frankfurt and over half of its population being non-Germans. Undoubtedly, a city that attracts such a diverse population has lots to offers, from shopping destinations, outdoor sites, art scenes, high rise and historic buildings. While visiting Germany, it is always essential that you have German travel insurance. This will help cushion you financially in case of an unusual happening during your visit. Having a look at review sites such as will help you to identify a reputable insurance company to offer you travel insurance. Below are the attractions to visit in Frankfurt.

Städel Museum

Städel Museum is a world-class museum featuring a 14th-century collection of paintings. Of the many collections in the museum, some of the most notable include works by renowned masters such as Goya, Rembrandt and Vermeer and in later centuries works by Picasso Degan, Beckman and Monet. Some more contemporary works comprise those by Baselitz and Bacon. You can also find drawings and paintings from Pollock, Ernst, Cezanne and Durer.  By visiting the museum, you can get guided tours in the English language, and if you prefer to go around alone, audio guides are also available. If you are ready to spend some time in the museum, there’s a research library and talks & workshop in the museum. There’s also a bookshop and cafe on-site.


Located on River Main’s both sided is a cluster of 12 museums that are all grouped together and are referred to as Museumsufer. A majority of these museums are on the southern side. The Museumsufer museums feature art, film, ethnography, architecture and communication, among many others. The museum was developed in the ’80s and 90s. Some of these museums moved into noble houses, whereas others had some amazing venues constructed for them by renowned architects, including Richard Meier and O.M Ungers. A visit to the museum will see you enjoy some good outdoor performances and music, among other activities.

Main River

Being home to a busy train station and airport, one can easily forget that that Frankfurt is a city with a river. Recently, River Main has become a recreational outlet attracting tourists into the city. A visit to River Main will see you enjoy dinner cruises, after-dark skyline tours and short sightseeing cruises in triple-decker riverboats. Day trips include a romantic castle river in the middle Rhine valley.

The Palm Garden

This is an attractive 54- acre piece palm garden situated on Bockenheimer Landstrasse. Opened in 1871, it is Germans biggest titanic garden and one of the three found in Frankfurt. Upon its opening, the attraction was a direct hit and attracted top performers globally, including Buffalo Bill. Today, a visit to Palm Garden will see you witness several greenhouses with tropical and subtropical plant species and some botanica exhibits arranged as per their geographical location. There also a children’s playground, boating tours, guided tours and picnic spots in the garden.

St Paul’s Church

St Paul’s Church is located on Paulsplatz. It started in 1789 as a Lutheran church. It was designed according to protestant principles of the time, explaining its circular plan. The circular plan adopted by protestants at the time was to ensure that each congregant heard the sermons. St Paul’s would then, in 1848, be made the ideal place for the initial democratically parliament of the country, forming the foundation of the German constitution. However, it would only host parliament meetings for one year before the return of religious services. The church remains a freedom symbol and a marker of the birth of the country’s democracy.

Eiserner Steg

Completed in 1869, crossing the River Main amidst the Sachsenhausen area and the city’s centre, this iron bridge has been reconstructed twice in its 150 years of existence. It was first rebuilt in 1912 to make River main navigable to bigger boats. Then, towards the end of the second world war, it was blown up by the Nazis, which necessitated its rebuilding. The bridge’s metal flame gives it elegance. To have the best view of the bridge, it’s best to cross it in the evening when the low sun is illuminating Bankenviertel’s high rise towers.

In conclusion, if you have always been thinking of visiting Frankfurt and aren’t sure of the exact places to visit. This article has got you.

This post was published on 21/06/2021

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