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Best Places To Make A Cycling Trip In Germany


Germany is a beautiful country that has several lovely scenes to visit. You have the options of these sites and get to see beautiful and cycle-friendly places to visit when you go to Germany. For you to learn more about these lovely sites, you may want to read up people’s thoughts and opinions on It is a review platform where you get to read about cycling trips and tours in Germany, amongst other things.

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Apart from cycling being a great way to pass your time while in Germany, it is also a great way to get a tour of lovely and beautiful landscapes in Germany. Here are a few of those best places for you to go when on your cycling trip in Germany:

1.The Berlin Wall

One of the lovely places to make a cycling trip is on the path of the Berlin Wall in Germany. The Wall has stood for almost three decades dividing the German capital. A part of the Berlin Wall trail (about the 100-mile route) was transformed into a hiking and cycling trail that combines history, beauty, and nature.

2.Elbe Cycle Route

Another place to consider for a cycling trip in Germany is the Elbe Cycle Route. This route combines different states such as Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein, and other major cities. You will enjoy lovely sites and sceneries of natural landscapes on this route, including the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Elbe Floodplain UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the Wadden sea, amongst other places.

3.Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route

Another fantastic place for you to make a cycling trip in Germany is the Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route. This route contains several lakes, as the name implies. You also get to see beautiful buildings, such as the red-brick Gothic buildings in Luneburg. You will also pedal through the Elbe Valley Nature Park, Muritz National Park, the beautiful Szczecin Lagoon, the fantastic island of Usedom, beaches, and other lovely places.

4.Rhine Cycle Route

This route contains the Rhine River, which serves as a natural border between France and Germany. It travels about 766 miles from Lake Constance in Bavaria through the lovely ancient cities of Mannheim and Karlsruhe in Baden-Wurttemberg. The cathedral city of Speyer is also towards the route. One of the beautiful parts of this route is the section that leads to the Middle Rhine Valley, which has medieval towns, castles, and other lovely sites.

5.Danube Cycle Path

The Danube Cycle Path starts in Donaueschingen, the southern state of Baden-Wurttemberg. It also leads to the famous river in Lower Bavaria. This path is about 380 miles, containing several lovely sites such as natural lakes, wetlands of Donauried, and other countryside glories. You may also enjoy sweet traditional cuisines like the famous Swabian noodles and smoked meat, amongst others. You will also get to explore the Passau on this route, often referred to as the “Venice of the North” by tourists and locals.

6.Baltic Coast Cycle Trail

Another fantastic place to make a cycling trip in Germany is the Baltic Coast Cycle Trail. The trail starts from Kiel in the northwestern part of Fehmarn Island. It has different breathtaking views and natural landscapes such as beaches, cliffs, amongst others. You may also enjoy a good afternoon swim in the shallow bay.

This post was published on 23/06/2021

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