Suwit at Phuket island for Muay Thai boxing program in Thailand and Holiday

Does the topic sound confusing? Well here is your answer: Muay Thai is arguably the biggest martial art in Thailand, and is even considered a lifestyle. Love for the sport has led to a constant surge in the number of people who troop to the beautiful tropical country to train in the sport.

So when next you are planning to go on an adventurous holiday, Thailand should come up in your top list of countries. It has lots of scenic islands, cool beaches and scattered islands that will give you a swell time.  Phuket island is the famous place in Thailand.

Practicing Muay Thai boxing in Thailand is one of the best experiences you will get with the sport mostly because that is its place of origin.

Here are other reasons you should travel to Muay Thai

· Holiday-ing is cheaper

On getting to Muay Thai, one of the first things you will notice is how you will get the best of products at relatively low prices. Your whole Muay Thai camp stay will only cost you fractions of what you will pay in other places, and at the best service.

· The weather is great

Your country is great, trust me. But sorry, no one wants to stay constantly under single-digit temperatures. Here in Thailand, the leaves are always green, the skies are always blue, the weather is warmer during the day, and much more. You can even cool off in between Muay Thai practice at the beach.

· The most exciting culture

Elephants are not only great on your national TV, in Thailand; it is an important animal in the culture. The Muay Thai attires also tell a lot of story about the sport. The people are friendlier and are always more than happy to share their culture with willing tourists.

You will also find your Muay Thai instructors a little eccentric. The point is, just enjoy the fun.

· A good way to maintain fitness

During the holidays, people become lazier and nonchalant to their fitness routine; Training in Muay Thai boxing at Suwit Muay Thai gym makes up for all that and even gives you more. The activities in the gym, morning routines, skill training, meditations, and other camp activities will help you maintain fitness.

Come out of the holidays or during the weekend feeling fit and healthy.

· Great for Weight loss

Most people gain “unwanted” weight during the holidays and feel bad about it. Muay Thai training helps a lot of people lose weight during the holidays. The activities in camp help the body burn unwanted fats and calories.

You will come out of the holiday looking in shape and healthy.

Wrapping Up 

Thailand hosts the biggest Muay Thai festival annually, and this attracts lots of the sport’s enthusiast from all over the world. During this period, flight, transport, and accommodation prices may spike. It is best to travel earlier to escape the great rush in the later periods of the holiday. A good Muay Thai camp for fitness is and it is at Phuket Island.

During your Muay Thai boxing program at Phuket, you can also embark on lovely sight-seeing and shopping the local products in Thailand. There are some great wares on sale.

Muay Thai is the best holiday you can have.