What To Expect In Your Summer Holiday To Rome

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Rome is one of the popular tourist destinations for summer travellers. The city is an ancient one with lots of stories and history in the street that will fascinate you during your tour. With the city’s history aligned in the street, you can never miss out on the ancient culture and lifestyle if you choose to spend your next summer there.

However, with the coronavirus and its dwindling effect on the tourism industry, you may be wondering, like everyone, “Is Rome safe to travel for this summer?” And just like other major cities in Europe, Rome was earlier categorised as a Level 2 Travel Advisory before it jumped to Level 3 Travel Advisory, a position that means that travellers will have to think twice before heading to Rome.

As you plan to travel to Rome for the summer, here is a list of what to expect:

1.    Strict Measures At The Entry Points

Since the shutdown, there have been strict measures at entry points of every country, especially in countries like Italy that the coronavirus has adversely hit. These countries are still observing stringent measures at airports, and other entry points to ensure that they reduce the entrance of the virus while managing the virus within. If you have visited Italy before the coronavirus and the shutdown, you may find the process hectic, but it is what you will experience on your entry to the country.

2.    Reduced Traffic In The Street

Rome is one of the busiest cities globally with lots of traffic due to the increasing number of tourists on a regular visit. But with the onset of the coronavirus, the city has been a shadow of itself, despite it picking off currently. But the tourist is sparse, and the street of Rome is not as filled up with people as it used to be before the impact of the coronavirus.

The sparseness of tourists can be attributed to the strict travel policies, fear of contracting the virus, and increased travel rate due to the stringent measures and other coronavirus-related causes. The reduced traffic in the street may be of advantage to those that do not like crowded places.

3.    Top Tourist Locations May Not Be Available To The Public.

Due to coronavirus, many tourist attraction spots have been shut down, or some restrictions have been placed. For instance, the Vatican, the Pantheon and other attractions have had limited tours due to the coronavirus. However, you can still enjoy amazing scenery in these locations as you tour the City of Rome and have an amazing view of the architectural set-up, the local bars and restaurants and the amazing foods.

4.    The Great Outdoors Activities

If there is one thing that the coronavirus cannot affect in Rome, you will enjoy the amazing outdoors in the city. One of the amazing features tourists look up to when visiting Rome is the great outdoor activities like nightclubs, restaurants, café, theatre, and other outdoor activities. The locals are warm and welcoming and ensure that tourist has an amazing time in the city.

Despite the coronavirus, the outdoor life is still amazing and something that tourist can still enjoy and have a nice time. You can enjoy the fantastic Italian cuisines, the amazing cultural lifestyle and have a marvellous time with the people.


Despite the effect of the coronavirus, Rome is still one of the top tourist locations. With the restrictions placed, there are much you and your family can experience this summer in the great City of Rome. Contact your travel agent today and book for your summer holiday as you seek the great experience this historic city has to offer.